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My brother and I have become concerned that the decendents of Henry and Louise Brandes have become unknown to each other.  The members of the family who knew each other are quickly passing on.  The ability to be aware of what is happening to each other is gone.  I hope that this may be a way for us to keep in contact. Therefore we are planning the following:

This site is for the use of decendents of Karl Herman Heinrich ( A.K.A. Henry) Brandes and Louise Soffie Christine Meyer.  If you are a decendent of these two, you may e-mail me to request a login.  Please include your preferred login ID. If I recognize you, (i.e. you are in the attached family tree) I will create a login for you.  You will receive confirmation of your registration and you will be able to have more detailed access to the members information. If you are not in the family tree, please explain where in the tree you belong.

Bill and Bob Brandes


I obtained the information for the ancestor tree from the LDS library several years ago.  The problem with making the connection with the descendants tree is that Karl's middle names are reversed. In the descendants tree Karl Herman Heinrich Brandes is the same as I find in the original family bible. In the information from LDS his name is Karl Heinrich Herman Brandes. Even though the birth date is the same for both, I am reluctant to make the connection. I have therefor included it as a separate tree.

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